Introducing the brand new 2019 Subaru Ascent – with JaM’s involvement in its product development!

We’re thrilled to see the debut of Subaru's first three-row, large SUV family car, the 2019 Ascent, scheduled to be released in the summer of 2018. This was a culmination of JaM’s research of the American family over the past three years, working together with SUBARU’s product development team in Japan. We utilize ethnographic research, where we step into the homes of American consumers to reveal their values, mindsets, and behaviors. With a five-year runway to develop a new generation car, JaM has been tracking the rapidly changing North American consumer market – the most important market for SUBARU – and projecting changes occurring in a five to ten year horizon. One of JaM’s unique strengths is in working together with Japanese clients, providing insights and ideas that go into product planning and development.


Business Dojo was a success!

Hisami spoke at Business Dojo, held at Hacker Dojo, a co-working space for programmers and entrepreneurs in Mountain View. The 50+ attendees represented a wide variety of people, with both marketing and non-marketing positions, college students, and others. The engagement was excellent, and we went far beyond the scheduled time with many questions from the audience. Please contact us for any additional questions, and thanks to everyone for coming!

Hisami Ohshiba Speaking at Business Dojo July 28 (SF Bay Area)

Hisami will be speaking (in Japanese) at Business Dojo, to be held at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA. Invited by Rochelle Kopp, this will be a rare speaking event for Hisami  on home turf in Silicon Valley, as her regular speaking engagements are mostly in Japan.

Business Dojo is a networking event for Japanese living in the San Francisco-Bay-Silicon Valley area, and a great community that fosters inspiration. Any Japanese speaking residents of the Bay Area are invited, and can register here.

Seminar: Communications in the Age of IOM (Internet of Me) — June 25 in Japan

Hisami will be the keynote speaker at a seminar in Tokyo at TECH LAB PAAK on Thursday, June 25 from 7pm. Presided by TripodWorks president Kenichi Sasaki, MC by Chisa Takahashi, PR of Akerunand participating in discussion with HEART CATCH director Mariko Nishimura. 

Register for this free event (in Japanese) here. This will be an unusual occasion for Hisami to have other women participating in discussion, and she’s looking forward to it. 

The keynote, “Communications in the Age of IoM (Internet of Me),” will address how US marketers are reaching out to consumers who are accustomed to instant gratification. Attention spans are shrinking further from 12 to 8 seconds, and only 20% of written content can be recalled. 

This will be followed by discussion with Mariko Nishimura on the Innovation and Future of Marketing. Mariko’s career spans from engineer at IBM, marketing manager at Adobe Systems and Groupon, producer at Bascule, then founding HEART CATCH in 2014. She holds international patents as an engineer as well as receiving numerous awards including Gold at Cannes Lions.

iMEDIA Brand Summit Japan 2015 – June 15-17

Hisami will be in attendance throughout the three day event, and will be on stage with Japanese brand advertisers for a wrap-up at the very end. Hisami has participated at five ad:tech san francisco and tokyo conferences, but this will be her first Brand Summit and is looking forward to it.

JaM Session Chabudai Talk in Tokyo after a long hiatus!

During the peak of cherry blossom season on April 7th, we held a JaM Session Chabudai Talk in Tokyo after a long hiatus.

Title: What marketers need to think about in the age of “Anytime I want!”

Where: Omnibus K.K.

When: April 7, 2015 6:30-8:30pm

What: Hisami Ohshiba, with over 30 years’ of US-Japan business and marketing experience, as a marketer and a consumer, speaks about “communications and marketing today.” Though we’re already 15 years into the 21st century, many marketers and companies are still stuck in 20th century thinking. This interactive talk session is a good chance to refresh our views and consider communications and marketing from a broader perspective. This session is where people can gather around the table (chabudai) like at home, and have a relaxed, friendly gathering without the formalities of titles and jobs. Attendance will be limited to under 40 people.

Recap: Two hours flew by, and much of the session content focused on recent US-based video that most people in Japan don’t normally see. At the dinner that followed, some really heated discussions continued. We realized the need for more sessions like this, and we will do more this year. Stay tuned!

Three Subaru Models Selected in Consumer Reports 2015 Auto Spotlight!

We’re happy to see that JaM’s long time client Subaru, won top picks in Consumer Report’s 2015 Auto Spotlight with the following models:

Compact Car: Impreza
Midsize Car: Legacy
Small SUV: Forester

In addition, when Consumer Reports asked their 27,000+ Facebook followers, to “name the best car on the market today,” they chose the Outback as #1 and the Forester as #2.

Winner: Subaru Outback (25%)
Second place: Subaru Forester (24%)

Third place: Toyota Highlander (23%)

Honorable mention: Honda CR-V (17%)

Honorable mention: Tesla Model S (10%)

It’s twice as nice to see that both Consumer Reports, the leading source of trust for consumers when it comes to cars, and the general audience on Facebook, both chose Subaru. JaM has continued to work with Subaru headquarters in Japan to provide insights about lifestyles, values, behaviors, and life stages of US consumers, which is difficult to understand from a foreign perspective. There is no greater satisfaction for us as consultants that after many years, the results finally take shape — from product development to the final product — and to see their business come to fruition.

Toshiba Smart Community LinkedIn Page Reaches 300,000+ Followers!

Toshiba Smart Community, a client that JaM has been working with for the past four years, reached a milestone on their LinkedIn Showcase Page with 300,000 followers! LinkedIn is a professional social network of 3 billion worldwide members, and a important strategic presence for companies targeting the global market. Toshiba was the first Japanese corporation to establish a Showcase Page on LinkedIn in February 2014, acquiring 300,000 followers in one year.

In addition to a company site, the Showcase Page functions as a marketing platform that allows targeted distribution of content. Toshiba has been utilizing their TOSHIBA Smart CommunityShowcase Page in their global B2B content marketing. While numbers aren’t everything, it’s still great to have such a huge community of followers.