Hisami will be the keynote speaker at a seminar in Tokyo at TECH LAB PAAK on Thursday, June 25 from 7pm. Presided by TripodWorks president Kenichi Sasaki, MC by Chisa Takahashi, PR of Akerunand participating in discussion with HEART CATCH director Mariko Nishimura. 

Register for this free event (in Japanese) here. This will be an unusual occasion for Hisami to have other women participating in discussion, and she’s looking forward to it. 

The keynote, “Communications in the Age of IoM (Internet of Me),” will address how US marketers are reaching out to consumers who are accustomed to instant gratification. Attention spans are shrinking further from 12 to 8 seconds, and only 20% of written content can be recalled. 

This will be followed by discussion with Mariko Nishimura on the Innovation and Future of Marketing. Mariko’s career spans from engineer at IBM, marketing manager at Adobe Systems and Groupon, producer at Bascule, then founding HEART CATCH in 2014. She holds international patents as an engineer as well as receiving numerous awards including Gold at Cannes Lions.