Toshiba Smart Community’s Branding Video

Toshiba Smart Community, a client that JaM has been working with for the past four years, launched their video, “Building a smart community with sustainable solutions.”

This 3DCG video was created by JaM, JaM’s US partner, B2B agency gyro sf, and 3DCG production house the Roof Studio of Brooklyn, resulting in a collaboration by a team of Japanese + Americans + Brazilians. Using no words as it targets a global audience, the short film tells he story of Smart Community:

At Toshiba Smart Community, our goal is to make life more sustainable and comfortable while minimizing any impact on the environment. We are doing this today with optimized management and control for incorporating renewable energy into the grid, with water purification solutions that leave no environmental impact, and with battery and storage solutions that make our cities more resilient.